Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Land of the Free and Home of the Brave dress

   I love Independence Day. Even though it is almost always scorching hot in Northern Virginia, I can not wait to sit outside, sweating my ass off all day. I'm not sure why this holiday affects me so, but as a not normally very patriotic person, I can't help but to feel incredibly grateful for the country I call home.

   Something about the 1940's and the 1950's evokes the most feelings of patriotism. No doubt it has to do with WWII and the fable "Golden Era" that followed. When I think of dressing up to show pride in my country my mind wanders to victory rolls, red lipstick and winged eyeliner. It was with that frame of mind that I chose my dress for our annual 4th of July festivities this year. I was yearning for something wearable yet vintage inspired and maybe even a bit on the campy side. Enter my red, white and blue Colette Lily. Since, as I've already mentioned, I'm going to be hot as you-know-what on the Fourth, I got dressed up for a special photo session with my girls today. As dressed up as I could. I wasn't going to curl my hair or anything. psh. I will look nowhere near as put together this Wednesday.

 This dress was so much fun to make. It is made entirely of cotton poplin. While constructing those pockets I was almost giddy with excitement. As an advanced beginner (can I call myself intermediate yet?) it was very rewarding to put this together.


 As for the sizing....since my last two Colette patterns turned out so big, I decided to re-measure myself. Lo and behold, I dropped from a size 10 to a size 8. I can't lie...I was a bit shocked. I cut a straight size 8 but old me got the better and I reduced the seam allowances while I was sewing up the skirt. Not a good idea, because when I had it all constructed I tried it on and found it about a half an inch to large. I had to go back and re-sew the correct SA. Moral of the story? Trust your measurements.


  This dress marked the first time I used an invisible zipper foot. What the hell took me so long?! This zipper was a freakin piece of cake to sew and for the first time (despite numerous attempts) my waist seams line up perfectly. As for embelishments, I didn't get a good picture, but there are little star buttons on the pocket flaps.

Pure narcissism. Sorry. ;)

All in all, I am super pleased with this dress. It delivers the perfect dose of "I <3 America" that I wanted and is still cute and fun.


Barbara Konkle said...

I love this dress! The color is perfect for you and yes I think you are DEFINITELY an intermediate closer to advanced, but that is my humble opinion! ;-) I love how you dress up your girls! They are so precious and look like they have so much fun dressing up along with you! Something they will always remember! What precious memories! Happy 4th!!!

Anonymous said...

I love your dress, the colors are great and it fits you perfectly! You look stunning! :)

Jessica said...

Your dress looks wonderful and quite flattering on you! And those little girls are too cute!

Melizza Makes said...

The fit is spot on! It's gorgeous!

Jamie said...

Thanks, Barbara! You are too kind, I'm definitely closer to intermediate (if even!) but I'm slowly moving up ;)

Jamie said...

Thank you for your kind words :)

Jamie said...

Thanks Jessica! There is some magic in this pattern, it gives me shape right where I need it ;). I will pass on the compliment to my daughters, my oldest already enjoys flattery, haha!

Jamie said...

Wow, thanks! This pattern was fantastic to work with. I'm impressed it fit out of the envelope :)

Anonymous said...

You and your Lily are too beautiful for words. Great photos of you and your adorable kids.

I too had my first experience with an invisible zipper foot recently, when I sewed up my Hazel the other day, and I had the EXACT same reaction as you--What took me so long??? Makes the whole process a no-brainer, huh?

Now I have to throw in a Lily when I go to order my Macaron for the next sewalong. See what you've started. :)

Congrats on the perfect fit. You did a phenomenal job.


Jamie said...

Thanks Shelley!! That's so sweet of you. Yes, the invisible zipper foot was I'm wondering about the other specialty foots available. Maybe I should spring for a narrow hem foot? Oh, the possibilities :)

I hope to see your version of Lily soon!

Ally D said...

Wow! What a dress! I had reservations about sewing the Lily, but now that I've been so inspired by your outstanding job, I think I may just start on mine!

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