Sunday, June 24, 2012

Colette Hazel V2.0

Oh look, it's me. In front of an ice cream truck.

Yay, Hazel nummer zwei is finished! I knew that I wanted to showcase the bias cut sides with a striped fabric so I purchased this seersucker. I really wanted a blue or pink striped seersucker, but my lfs was out. Of course a week later they had a gorgeous pink but whatev. I like the way this turned out.


 While constructing the dress I kept in mind that I wanted the bodice to be a little closer fitting. I cut the front bodice pieces in a size 10 and the back a size 8, just like I did the last time. I basted the back closed and tried it on before installing the zipper. It was still fairly large....I think I ended up taking out over an inch by increasing the seam allowances in the back.Another little note on construction....this dress is the only one I've made so far that didn't require a FBA. It may have benefited from one but I'm able to pull it off without, so yay!

  When I finished it, I had not added any embelishments and I wore it to a friend's bday party. I intended on wearing this version without a belt and even though it fit much more snug in the waist I still felt like it needed a pop of color and I threw on a red belt as I headed out the door. I really liked the way it look but damn, belts in the humidity and heat that is a Virginia summer are nasty. I was all sweaty and uncomfortable. blech. When I got home, I took the dress off, pulled out my notions and found some red ric rac. After pinning it on I was really pleased and I added the buttons for another pop of color. I wore the dress out again today while shopping with my best friend and it was so much more comfortable.While getting a frappuccino at Starbucks the barista asked me if I bought my dress at ModCloth. woot, I call this dress a success!


 I do have one complaint about this dress. I don't own a bra that is low cut enough to not show. The bra I'm wearing peaks out only a little but it's got a crazy black and white pattern that can be seen through the seersucker. I have to wear a slip, which you can see peeking out of the top. I think it ruins the look "/  The amount of bra that shows on the back is horrible. 

crazy bra

Also, and this is purely my own mistake, the straps placement on the back should have been adjusted after increasing the seam allowances. Still wearable, but something that bothers me.

  I took these pics at the end of the second day after spending the day outside in the heat and eating ice cream. You must excuse the wrinkles. Also, if you look close enough there is ice cream on the front. I'm a sloppy eater.

Photobombed by John Deere

 Sooo, what's next? I must put all current sewing projects on hiatus and sew for Independence Day. I have to make my oldest daughter a dress and one for myself. I'm thinking a red, white and blue Colette Lily...yes?


Amanda said...

I really like the seersucker with the Hazel! Super cute!

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