Sunday, September 30, 2012

While I was away...

Hello all! It's not been too long since my last post but it has been longer than I would have liked. Life has been busy and left me little time to sew. Last week Hubby and I packed up the kids and drove 8 hours to visit his SIL in Myrtle Beach, SC. We hadn't seen her since she moved away from NoVa a couple of years ago. I've missed her four boys so and she hadn't seen my third child, Ezra, since he was just a babe and she'd never met our fourth child, Romy. It was a pleasant visit since Jeremy and I took the opportunity for a little mini vacay and made sure to get a room with an oceanview. If you follow me on instagram (and if not you should, not because my photos are fab or anything but just because I love to interact with all you wonderful people) you'll know that the weather was perfect and our visit was wonderful. I made sure to pack lots of "me made" clothes and tried to snap some pics. Of course I wasn't able to get a picture of every outfit but all in all I think I successfully managed to almost exclusively wear a self stitched wardrobe which made me feel very accomplished.

Here I am at South of the Border, a fantastic, old, kitschy roadside attraction. I'm wearing my Colette Hazel.

Here's my Colette Lily. It's actually the first time I've worn it since the Fourth.

New Look 6808 here paired with my denim Colette Ginger (unblogged)

       Before I left I started working on another New Look 6808 only I'm modifying it a bit. I mashed together the neckline of Colette Pattern's Sorbetto with the bodice/sleeves of 6808 and I'm adding a self drafted peter pan collar. So far, so good. As you can see, I have a fair bit to finish but now that I'm back I'm hoping to take to the sewing machine soon.


  While driving all....those....hours....I finished a project I've been working on for about 6 months. Yes...6 months. I'm a seasonal knitter. I love to knit but I can only do it in the cooler months for some reason. I started this pattern back in March but when it started getting warm I quickly ditched it. When I got some knitting mojo back I went to pick it up but I was a bit daunted at figuring out where I left off. The long car ride was just what I needed to finish it. I blocked it this morning and ta-da! It is by no means perfect. It's actually pretty awful. You would never believe I've been knitting for four years by the looks of it. BUT I did teach myself to knit continental with this one and it'll do it's job and keep me warm... so all in all...I'm pleased.


Anyhoo, lots of fall sewing to come. I've got the next pattern in Sew Colette 2.0 to work on, the Peony. I'm also tempted by Juniper. Anyone make those up yet? What are you all working on? I need some inspiration!


Shannon said...

I'm looking forward to the Peony!! I just made the Juniper pants but not happy with my results. I chose the wrong fabric! All my whining about it is up on the blog. I will definitely make them again with some better fabric. They are so cute! I'm not a knitter at all so what you made looks wonderful to me! :)

Jamie said...

I'm pretty excited about the Peony, also! I've had that damn pattern for over a year and I still haven't made it up. The bodice has been a nightmare for me, honestly but hopefully I can work through it this time. And thanks about the knitting. Actually, that pic makes it look good but ya know...I tried not photograph the really crappy parts, lol!! I'm headed over to your blog to check out those junipers now.....

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