Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Way It Was Shirt


Can I just apologize for my hair? Ack, I am so sick of it. It needs to be dyed and cut and I'm really leaning towards just chopping it all off.
I'm going to admit to being a bit obessed with blouse patterns right now. There are so many awesome ones out there. Alma, Jasmine, Violet, Airelle, Roxanne? Oh so many gorgeous options, so many wonderful indie patterns. So much $$ that I just don't have. Le sigh. It's cool. Someday I'll have them but until then I've got to work with what I got. Which is a pretty awesome New Look pattern that cost me only $3.99, a Colette Pattern that was free and a tutorial on how to draft a peter pan collar. Hoping to get a wardrobe essential unlike one I've already made,  I mashed them all together and here we are...


   I've been holding onto this fabric for almost a year now. I lusted after almost every single pattern and colorway in Anna Marie Horner's Innocent Crush line and when it went on sale on, I snatched up a couple of yards of this voile. So soft, so pretty. LOVE. I took New Look 6808 and used the neckline from the Sorbetto pattern from Colette. This was so easy, guys. Really. I'm shocked. I really took my time with this one.  The seams are all french seams and this shirt should last for a long time.



  Now, obviously the meat and bones of this top is New Look 6808. Do I dare utter the letters T...N...T? My first ever!? It's an easy pattern anyway but when I omit the zip, like I did...again... it's a walk in the park. And it fits and it looks good and I think it might be exactly what I need for a basic top.




For the peter pan collar I used this wonderful tutorial from, who else, Gertie. I actually hadn't ever watched her live before but she was such a fantastic instructor for those little videos. Don't you just love her? Maybe I'll buy her bombshell course. Anyhoo, I digress. Drafting the collar was easy peasy, lemon squeezy. The bow was because, you know..I'm kinda obsessed with stuff like that.


I'm wearing this with a previously unblogged Colette Ginger. I have 3 of these skirts and I really love them in theory but I kind of hate the way they look on me. I dunno. I have a rather thick waist in comparison to the rest of me and I feel like it just emphasized that fact. BUT, they are so comfy. I can't stop wearing this one in particular. Stretch denim? comfy.

In case you're wondering...those are trashbag ghosts. ha.

 I'm super excited that my first real foray into altering and combining patterns was so...easy.
And in case anyone is wondering why the heck I'm calling this The Way It Was's a song that was stuck in my head the whole time I sewed this thing up. It just seemed fitting.

Next up....Peony!


Cari Homemaker said...

I'm not sure how you managed to omit the zip and still get such a great look with the fit of the blouse, but it obviously works. I love the fabric, the collar/bow detail...pretty much just a great look all around on this one. Good job.

Shannon said...

I've been wanting to make the Ginger skirt in denim sooo bad. It's the cutest skirt ever! Yours looks really nice on you. The shirt goes really well and I'm in love with the little bow you added.

Jamie said...

Thanks! I'm not going to lie, there's a little dance that had to happen to get this on and the girls get squished for a few seconds. But it's worth it to have no zipper. ;)

Jamie said...

After Casey and Lauren's gingers I was smitten. I think I may have one more in me, in maybe a lighter denim with patch pockets and then I might be done with this pattern. Do you have it yet? If not, I can pass mine along when I'm finished with it :)

Sarah said...

i always feel like i read blogs and the things they make look nice but usually just not my taste. this top looks like something i would drool over in a store or catalog.
so so cute and really wearable! love that you saved your fabric and now it will get the love it deserves! great job

Anonymous said...

I love your top!!! Great match, the pattern and that pretty fabric, and the fit looks great!

Crystal said...

Love your top and I think the whole outfit looks nice together. I Love the denim Gingers I've seen, including yours, and I hope to copy the scallop pocket ones I've seen for fall.

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