Sunday, April 28, 2013

Miz Sazzypantz

Miz Mozelle

   The name of this pattern kind of makes me laugh....Miz Mozelle. Miz. Three snaps in a "Z" formation. I feel sassy when I say the name of the pattern. Or should I say... sazzy? I imagine conversations I could have with people.

 Random Fantasy Stranger, "Oh hey, girlfriend. Great dress! I know you made that, yeah?"

 Fantasy Me, looking fabulous, "Heeeey, Random Fantasty Stranger who knows all about my sewing prowess, yes, I did make this! Isn't it the bomb? I used the Miz Mozelle pattern. That's right. So sazzy, all "s"s have been replaced with "z"s. Phat."

  Oh, I crack myself up. Mind you, I'm not making fun of the name. I love it. Anyhoo, as you have gathered, this is Miz Mozelle, another pattern from Jamie Christina. This pattern has been on my radar since I first picked up needle and thread. I fell in love with this picture.

  I think this represents my style, or the way I want my style to come across. Down to the pale skin, red hair and tattoo. Retro with a bit of punk?

  I held out buying the pattern because the keyhole neckline kind of scared me off, but I finally bit the bullet and purchased it after my Mission Maxi was such a success.

Miz Mozelle

 I used this knit jersey I purchased at Girl Charlee. It is extrememly lightweight but probably the softest thing ever. My daughter wrapped herself in it and it took some coaxing (ie: cookies) to get her out of it. The only downsides of working with it was that it rolled like a bitch. Because that's what bitches do, right? Roll? Ha.

 I sewed the body of the dress using my serger and the collar construction was done with my brand new BFF. Which handled the lightweight jersey like a dream, FYI.

Miz Mozelle

 I cut a size 8, because I didn't want there to be too much ease. Next time I go back up to a size 10.

        Miz Mozelle

  And oh, I need to remember to get pics of my side seams next time I sew a pattern because even though you can't tell from the pictures, there are parts where the pattern is matched so perfectly, you can't even see a seam in the side. Cue the Macarena, cabbage patch, running man, raising the roof and all those other old school dances that make me offically old for remembering. Uncool, too.

Miz Mozelle

  Oh, and about that keyhole? I was right to be afraid of it. The keyhole is shit. Seriously, I effed that up so badly. It's stretched out and gross. But whatever. I'm still a beginner with knits and it was a learning experience for sure. Plus, it's not unwearable. Is it? Oh damn, don't answer that.

Miz Mozelle

The Details
Fabric: Knit Jersey purchased from Girl Charlee
Size Cut: 8
Alterations Made: None

My children are often joining me for these photo shoots. I have to entertain them somehow...

Miz Mozelle

....and it works :)

Miz Mozelle

 The Verdict: Despite the botched keyhole, I love this dress. I feel like I'm walking around wrapped up in the  most comfy sheets every. I also plan on making this again. I'm going to try it out in a woven and also adapting it into a maxi dress.


Gail said...

Ooooh, I love it! I've been wondering if I should buy this pattern. I guess the answer is yes!

Kat said...

I think it looks lovely on you! And good on you for sewing knits. I. Way too scared to attempt them. Love the fabric print too!

Anonymous said...

Haha very cute last shot:) Nice pattern, good outcome:)

Amanda said...

Check you and your rad self out! here is nothing like stitching up something that got you keen on sewing in the first place!

Megan R said...

Very cute dress. I'll have to keep my eye on this pattern!

Melizza Makes said...

What a fabulous print! The dress looks great on you.

Gillian said...

Awesome! I've been fascinated with this pattern too - and I'm so happy to see how cute your version is! maybe I'll give it a go this summer... Hmm...

House of Pinheiro said...

wow thats a gorgeous dress.. i love the fun photos too

Shannon said...

I've been wanting to make this pattern for forever! Love it!

Unknown said...

I had the same problem with the keyhole, I think it's almost impossible not to stretch it. It's also waaay to big in my opinion!
That being said, your dress is so cute, that print is lovely!

Sassy said...

Love this on you. I have this pattern and I can't wait to create.

Stephanie said...

I absolutely love everything about it! The fabric print is gorgeous and it looks some comfortable and easy to wear. I've been looking at this pattern for a while but haven't bought it yet. I think I'm going to have to now!

Zoe said...

I didn't even notice the keyhole "mistakr" until you said it, even then I barely noticed it!
The dress looks great :)

Sassy said...

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