Sunday, May 12, 2013

MMM 13 Week 1-2 Roundup

My original pledge was to wear me made at least 3 times a week and/or every time I was in public. The first week started out wonderfully. May has turned out to be pretty busy for me and I was presented with lots of opportunites to not only get out of the house, but wear my me mades. May 1-5 saw me walking my dog, having a 2 day yard sale, attending a midnight movie premiere (Iron Man 3!), helping throw a surprise Saturday night birthday dinner for a friend and going to church followed by lunch out with the family on Sunday.

MMM13 Week 1

Starting from upper left, and moving clockwise, garments are: Yet to be blogged Kelly Skirt; Yet to be blogged Grainline Tiny Pocket tank; Colette Hazel; Mission Maxi with RTW cardigan; Miz Mozelle Dress; Kelly Skirt with New Look 6808 w/ self drafted peter pan collar.

 If you haven't kept count that's 7 separate me made items in 5 days. 

  This past weeks was just as busy for me but much more challenging to wear my me mades. I stayed home Monday and Tuesday doing Mommy/Wifey things and barely changed out of pajamas. Wednesday and Thursday were spent in DC attending 2 The Airborne Toxic Event concerts at the 9:30 Club. I had planned on wearing me mades, but I had nothing that I felt was appropriate concert attire. I'm not too upset about it though....the concerts were ah-mazing and well, this happened...twice

MMM13 Week 2

(If you're interested in seeing my other iphone pics from the shows, they are all here)

  Needless to say, all day Friday was spent recovering from my sleep deprived, 2 day music binge. Saturday I wore a tshirt I altered but was too lazy to photograph and just so I can prove that I could wear me made today, I interupted my Mother's Day morning to climb out of bed, get dressed, climb back into bed and snap this grainy pic. 

Mission maxi with tshirt worn over it.
This would be me in my bed, wearing my mission maxi with a RTW tshirt worn over it. and that would also be my child's head.

Sooo, altogether that's 9 separate me made items worn in the first 2 weeks of May. Since my pledge was at least 3 items a week, I think I'm still doing pretty good. I have already broken my "in public" pledge BUT this has inspired me to make something that I do feel comfortable wearing to concerts. I have one next Sunday that I'm determined to wear something I've made to it. 

Anyhoo, Happy Mother's Day to all my lovely fellow Moms. If no one has already told you; good job, well done, congrats and God bless you for giving birth to and caring for your children. Let's face it, they'll always be the best thing we've ever made . <3


Gillian said...

Hehehe - I love that last picture! I think it's nice when Me-Mades take over our comfy clothes as well as our pretty dress wardrobe! (Speaking of which, you should try the Maria Denmark lounge pants - soooo comfy!)

Kat said...

Nice work on the me mades! I love that maxi. I think I need to make myself one. I just realised I need to make more basics and cooler weather clothes. It's started raining here the past few days and I only have 1 cardi & 1 pair of pants. I'm working on a top so I can wear jeans if it keeps raining.

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