Monday, December 10, 2012

I treated myself to: Lucky Lucille

   As most of you know, I'm still new to this whole blogging thing. When I first decided to jump head first into this community, I was nervous and unsure about the whole idea. I still sometimes feel like I'm stuggling to find my blogging "voice" but with every positive comment and new follower, I'm feeling more and more thankful and welcome into this little world.
    Back in July when I very first started, Rochelle of Lucky Lucille was one of the first "bigger" bloggers to give me a little boost of confidence. She featured my seersucker Hazel in her "Hazel Parade" and I was so honored. While I was watching from the sidelines of the original Sew Colette I was in awe of her creations. One after another, I couldn't wait to see what she could do to a pattern. Rochelle was one of the first people to inspire me to make my clothing my own. To have her recognize me for something I had made was a big deal to me.
  When Rochelle mentioned she was opening up her own little online boutique, I knew I would support her. To be completely honest, I would have purchased from her no matter what. As it turned out, I loved EVERYTHING she listed and I impatiently waited for the day when I would have some extra funds to treat myself to something. 
Grainline Scout Tee

     Lucky Lucille's recent restock coincided with my pay day and I quickly snatched up a Victory Hair Scarf in the Skull and Scissors fabric. Rochelle had the package on it's way to me the NEXT day and I had it in my greedy little hands before the end of the week. We're talking less than 5 days from ordering to receiving (I think it was more like 3!). Granted the packaged came from Vermont and I'm in Virginia (V states represent! heh) but still, we're talking lightning fast shipping. 
Lucky Lucille
  The hair scarf came wrapped in Lucky Lucille's signature colors, red tissue paper tied up with aqua yarn into an adorable bow.

Lucky Lucille

 She included one of her cards and look! The hole she punched in it is heart shaped! Too freakin cute.

Lucky Lucille

 There was a sweet handwritten thank you on the invoice (ummm, even her handwriting is cute!! This woman oozes prettiness from her pores!).

  I know that all these small deals are trivial but this is what I LOVE about purchasing from small businesses. $11(headscarf price plus shipping) may not seem like a lot of money but it was still $11 of my money. In this day and age, when we are brainwashed to believe we need MORE MORE MORE, it's nice to spend a small amount of money on an item or two and really feel like you treated yourself to something special and be appreciated. The little personal touches like this make me feel like I've spent $100 and definitely fill me with contentment.
   I'm sure all of you can relate when I tell you that I have a habit of inspecting seams and stitch lines whenever I receive something that was handmade. When my mother orders new purses from etsy, the first thing I do is turn them inside out and inpsect their guts. I don't really expect to find flaws, I just appreciate another persons' handiwork. Well, even if I HAD been looking for something wrong with this hair scarf...I wouldn't have found it. The stitches are straight and even. The points of the scarf are perfectly turned. The little Lucky Lucille tag is even stitched perfectly.

Lucky Lucille
Lucky Lucille
Lucky Lucille

  So, it was shipped fast, packaged gorgeously and extremely well does it perform? You guessed it, it's kind of awesome. Ok, really awesome. It's JUST a head/hair scarf/band. How did she make it special?? Well, I don't know but whatever she did, it works. I have a small, odd shaped head and the scarf had no problem staying put. When I tied the ends in knots on top of my head, the points didn't stick in all different directions. They looked perfect without even trying. I styled the scarf two ways so you can see it's versatility.
Grainline Scout Tee
Grainline Scout Tee
Grainline Scout Tee

 So, there you have it. Rochelle of Lucky Lucille rocks (and so does Lucille!). I can't wait to purchase from her again.
(Disclaimer: I purchased the  hair scarf of my own accord and was in no way compensated for this review. My opinions are totally my own and 100% true! Mama didn't raise no liar. haha!)


Sarah said...

i'm not even sure if i call myself a "blogger" (despite having a blog...) but i am inspired by you as a blogger. as far as your "voice"--i love yours. i feel like it is super honest, funny and smart. i love that it feels like you haven't lost who you are even being a mom of four--which is something i think it so important and hard to do! i look forward to every post! keep up the good work and i love lucky lucille too! come to think of it that might be how i found you!

Shannon said...

I love my Lucky Lucille scarf and hair scarf! I know what you mean about appreciating others work. She does such good work!! Lovely review!

Amanda said...

This looks ridiculously cute- love it!

Jamie said...

Sarah!! What an incredibly sweet comment. I appreciate it more than you can know, thank you so so much. <3

Jamie said...

I love the scarf you got. I wanted one so bad but I can't afford it at the moment. Hopefully someday I can get one :)

Jamie said...

Thanks! I really love the skull and scissors fabric but she has so many other cute options, I want at least 3 more. Lol!

Elena said...

Hi Jamie!
My sister and I wanted to let you know that because we love your blog so much we’ve nominated you for the Liebster Award. The award’s purpose is to bring viewers & potential followers to blogs with under 200 followers. Here is the link to the post on our blog, which goes into greater detail about the award!
We hope you’ll take part :)
Elena x

Cari Homemaker said...

Hello: I'm also nominating you for a couple of blog awards. Details are here on my most recent post.

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