Sunday, December 23, 2012

Top 5 of 2012: What I loved

Top 5 of 2012

Have you seen Gillian of Crafting a Rainbow's Top 5 of 2012? All the cool kids are doing it. What a great idea. Without further ado, here's my Top 5 Favorite Creations.

Simplicity 1806
   I love this dress. I wore it a lot this summer and it's so light and airy. I started wearing this adorable black bow belt with it. I haven't been able to fit it into my winter wardrobe so I'm pretty sure it's on hold until spring, but I can't wait to pull it back out of my closet and wear it again.

New Look 6808
   Hands down, the most worn piece I've made. I pull it out at least once a week. I should really make more. The colors go with everything, it looks great tucked in or out, it's comfortable and stylish.
Colette Lily
 Ok, so this dress I have some mixed feelings about. I LOVED the way it turned out but I've lost some weight since I made it and it just doesn't fit well now. Plus, it's *so patriotic I've only worn it twice...once on Independence Day and once to the beach over my bathing suit (which hardly counts as wearing it). Still, it was the first dress I made that was extrmemely well received and I was very proud of it. I love love the pattern, though. I adore those deep pockets. I can't wait to make this dress in something more versatile.

New Look 6107
  This is obviously a recent make but it's already a staple. I can dress it up super sexy or play it down. I'm so proud of the construction of this skirt and I feel like it sums up the skills that I've learned this year of sewing.

Colette Macaron
  My Colette Macarons make the list for 2 different reasons. My final Macaron, the "Winter is Coming Dress" is by far the most viewed and favorited item of clothing I've made. \ And I never wear it. I liked it at first, and I like the way it looks but something is off when it comes to the arms and that makes it  so uncomfortable to wear. Isn't that funny? My wearable muslin made BurdaStyle's front page "Featured Member Project" over a weekend and I got a HUGE kick out of that. Plus, I've worn it tons. The colors are really good on me and it is unbelievably comfortable. I ended up having to turn up the lace on the hem because the fabric was fraying to badly but it's still gorgeous.

  Things have been a bit dead here on the bloge lately with the holidays and I want to be able to keep in touch with all my readers so I'd like to extend my social media contact info again. I use Instagram a LOT and if you can put up with my pictures of my children and Brandon Flowers you should add me: EverFive. I've never got into Twitter because no one I know did either, but I've recently made friends with people who are using it frequently so I'll probably pick up there. Please follow me @FiveEver


Sue said...

Yay for top 5s! My Peony is in the same boat as your "winter is coming" Macaron. Others love it, but it never get's worn. :-/

Gillian said...

They are all lovely!!!

Shannon said...

Loving the Lily!! They are all great. I made Simplicity 1806 as well but it's sitting as a UFO. I love the keyhole neckline but mine gapes open. Did you have to topstitch yours?

Amanda said...

You have some lovely makes in here, Jamie! I'm really loving the Lily- it is fierce!

Jamie said...

I LOVED your Peony! But yes, obviously I understand why you don't like it. Sometimes I'm so focused on making it *look nice I think I forget to make it wearable. "/

Jamie said...

Thank you Gillian and thanks for hosting this fantastic event :)

Jamie said...

Yeah, I ended up top stitching it down. It still gapes some but I just wear a slip and put up with it. If I make it again, I'll definitely try to find a fix for it.

Jamie said...

Thank you, Amanda!!

Anonymous said...

They're all beautiful! I really want to try that new look top- I've had it on my wish list since I first saw yours. Love the lily too. You should absolutely make it up again, it really suits you.

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