Thursday, December 27, 2012

Top 5: FAIL

Top 5 of 2012

When it came time to come up with my Top 5 FAILS, I felt very similar to Tiffany of Twilltape. There wasn't anything that stuck out as a huge disaster, just a lot of stuff that I stopped wearing over time. Most of it turned out to be better in theory than in reality. Some of it still just doesn't work with my current wardrobe or lifestyle and one item is a WIP that I've just been too overwhelmed to finish.
Simplicity 2215
I love these pictures. And overall I loved this outfit. But I so messed up that skirt. I made it completely backwards and while it's "ok" to wear, it's not perfect and that bothers me.

Colette Hazel
  Yes, I agree, this dress is pretty cute. But it looks HORRIBLE on me! Terrible! I wore it all the time this summer, too. But every.single.time I passed a mirror I'd cringe at how wide it made me look. The seersuckers stretches out a ton by the end of the day and it ends up looking like a potato sack. Plus, I do not own a bra that doesn't show at the top. I end up having to wear a tank top and it just ruins the whole look. This has become a dress I only wear around the house.

Colette Peony
::sigh:: Such a waste of fabric. I love the colors, love the fabric, love what this could have been. What I don't love is the way this dress fits. I actually wore this once, for a wedding. And not a single person commented on it. Actually, someone complimented the tights I was wearing with it. That's a huge sign to me that there is something wrong. I also don't love how I gave up on it. I am determined to revisit Peony and make it work, but unfortunately, this dress just doesn't.
 Simplicity 2451
  I hate these pictures! I have NOTHING in my closet that goes with this skirt well and this it ended up being a tiny too big, as you can probably tell. The fabric, a cotton sateen, wrinkles like crazy. I don't hate this skirt, I just rarely wear it.
Simplicity 4044
This skirt was meant to be a birthday present for my sister. It came together quickly and I was almost finished with it when I had my sister try it on. It fit, but her lackluster response to it just blew the wind out of my sails. She just wasn't a fan of the aline style on her figure. Anyway, I royally screwed up the scalloped front. What is that?? Ugh. I still have plans to finish it, eventually. For now, it's my cat's bed (which explains the hairiness of this picture).
I think my lesson to be learned here is that I need to stop making skirts. I'm drawn to them because they give the illusion of being versatile and they're easy but I don't wear them as often as I'd like. I also need to focus on fit. Most of the things I shun to the back of my closet just aren't flattering or poorly fitted.


Elisha said...

I have yet to see a good review of Peony on the internet! Except for LLadybird, who tweaked the hell out of hers.

Amanda said...

Oh, Hazel. That pattern is just a bother to fit and I have the same issue with not having a bra to wear that doesn't show. Meh. I really love the fabric of your Peony!

Gail said...

I have to say I'm really glad to read that I'm not the only one who has given up on the Peony. At least you got to dress stage! I did 2 muslins and had to step away. It almost defeated my entire sewing mojo!

Shannon said...

I hate that the Peony didn't work out for you. I'm so in love with that fabric and wish I could find more of it myself. The Peony has to be one of the hardest garments I've had to work with when it comes to fitting.

Jamie said...

Oh man, I looooved hers. She's got super human talent and the most perfect figure ever so it's no wonder hers is the best out there. Lol!

Jamie said...

The high waist is strange, right? I could probably tweek the bodice to make it work and maybe I will next summer. If I'm not too lazy :P

Jamie said...

You are not alone! That dress is quite the challenge. I know what you mean about sewing mojo ....I was depressed after I made mine. Thanks for commenting :)

Jamie said...

I knoooow! I love it! It's so slinky and soft. Almost like a knit. And gorgeous. Joann's needs more fabric like that.

Gillian said...

I DO love the Peony pattern (5 versions and counting!) but I know it was a tough pattern for a lot of people to fit during the SewAlong! You've made some great things this year... and I'm sure that these less-than-favourite pieces will be soon be replaced by things that you love more! :)

Anonymous said...

Ugh. It's so sad! So many almost there, but not quite for one reason or another. I do love that peony fabric though and it seems like moving the hazel straps out a bit would help next time?

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