Monday, February 4, 2013

Good Things Come in Threes

New Look 6808
   Hope you're not sick of this pattern yet!  I'm not sure if anyone has actually ever said that good things come in threes, but when it comes to New Look 6808, it holds true for me. I've made this bad boy up two times already and I really love every version. And when you have a good thing, why give it up? I had avoided this particular view, with the adorable collar, only because I was worried that it would look too precious on me. I'm glad I decided to give it a chance because it definitely gives off a nice vintage vibe that I dig. 
New Look 6808

New Look 6808

Honestly, I've made this pattern so many times there really isn't anything new to say. I cut a sz 12 again. This time around the fabric I used has a bit of stretch to it so I had to take in the SA on the side to accomade that.

New Look 6808
This is my "It's effin COLD" face.

New Look 6808

I omitted the zipper again. Sure, I have to squish the girls just a bit when I put it on....but it's not too difficult to get in and out of without it.

New Look 6808
    I've said it before and I'll say it again, this pattern is really so versatile. It makes up well in a bunch of different fabrics and it goes well with just about anything. I'm thinking I need to make up a bunch in solid colors.

New Look 6808
New Look 6808
         I didn't get a good pic of it, but the plaid lines up real well. go me.
New Look 6808

 The construction of the collar went well. It was fiddly and irritating, as collars can be, but all in all, it was smooth sailing. So there you have it. My third, and most likely not my last New Look 6808.

 There's so much that I need to get to, that I'm hoping I can post about soon. I've got blog awards, #sewingdares and giveaways to share with you and I promise I will attend to this business sooner rather than later.

 Also, if anyone's interested I can give a small recap/review of my short trip to NYC and The Airborne Toxic Event concert. I know this is primarily a sewing blog, but if there's interest in that kind of stuff, I'd love to talk about it. Let me know, guys. :)


Gillian said...

Lovely! That colour scheme is perfect on you!

Rebecca Wagner said...

Nice:) love the skirt

ShanniLoves said...

Love the collar and the bow!! I would love hearing about your trip to NYC. I never go anywhere so it's fun living vicariously through all my blogger friends :)

lelieswereld said...

I just discovered your blog through burdastyle. I like it here, I'll stick around :)

Mela R. said...

That is some impressive plaid matching! I owe my husband a shirt but I'm still too scared to cut into the plaid. Silly, I know.

And since I'm no longer in NYC (I was raised there many moons ago) I love hearing about it. Share away!

Rachel Marie said...

That is too cute!! I love how well fitted you've made it, that makes layering with skirts so much easier (something I've been struggling with myself). What pattern did you use for the skirt?

Jamie said...

Thanks so much, Gillian!

Jamie said...

Thanks! The skirt is made from Simplicity 2215 :)

Jamie said...

Awesome! I always want to talk about it but don't want to bore anyone. ;)

Jamie said...

Yay!! Welcome!! Make yourself at home :)

Jamie said...

Thanks! I cursed while matching those plaids. I kept exclaiming, "this is so stressful! I hate plaids!! Why am I sewing with them?!!" Lol. It's not that bad it's just annoying.

Jamie said...

Thanks so much! This pattern fits me like a glove with no alterations. I just love it! The skirt is Simplicity 2215. It's not my favorite make (I made stupid mistakes while assembling it) but the pattern itself is fab. The pleats are asymmetrical and very interesting :)

Amanda said...

Jamie, this top looks fantastic! The plaid is beautifully matched and the fit is fab. I really love the styling with the pleated skirt- the colour looks fantastic with the top!

crystalpleats said...

Love the top and your whole look (I really love that skirt pattern, too). I enjoy sewing a pattern more that once.

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