Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Mad Men Challenge 2...I am SO in!

 I love Mad Men. Everything about that show is perfection. The styling, the storyline, the actors and  the characters they play.

 Last year, when Julia Bobbin did her Mad Men dress challenge, I watched enthusiastically from the sidelines. Not only did I not yet have a blog I had NO time to participate. You can imagine how excited I was when she announced she'd be hosting round 2 this year.

        I immediately started considering my options. First, I looked through the gallery of the past participant makes for inspiration. Then I had to think about which character I was most drawn to. Obviously, Joan's wardrobe is hands down the most drool worthy. But I believe it's not just her wardrobe that is so gorgeous, it's the curves that she's pouring into those dresses that make even women drool. Those wiggle dresses are a thing of beauty but they are best represented when they are being filled and the gorgeous Christina Hendricks is the perfect specimen. I don't hate my body, but I have to be realistic...I am so far from a Joan. So, after a little bit of heartache, I decided it was best to take anything she wore and scratch it off my list of possibilities.

   When it comes to vintage styling, I have always loved the sixties and Megan perfectly represents the best of  '60's fashion. And when I started looking at her figure, I figured that even though she's probably about 20 lbs lighter than me, she has as close to my build than anyone else on the show. So, I got onto trusty google, and searched for anything and everything Megan. I found a couple of great pics and sites to refresh my wardrobe memory. After pouring over all the images I could find, I've narrowed it down to these outfits.



 This outfits intrigues me by how modern it looks. It's obviously a turtleneck and wrap skirt but I wondered if I could make it a faux wrap dress. My


 Megan's shopping outfit is to die for. It reminds me of a Lily Ann suit, which I am obsessed with. The only problem I have is from what I can tell, we never saw the shift dress underneath the coat so I don't have many details to go on. Plus, can I finish a whole suit in time for the deadline?

Okay, I know that this look is incredibly dated, but that's what I LOVE about it. Her makeup, hair, the dropped waist and psychodelic print. It's so 60's. How could you not love it?

  At the moment, this shift is at the top of my list. The military styling and color blocking is almost modern but combined with the cut of the dress it is the best kind of retro.
  I also want to mention that I found all of these images on the blog Tom and Lorenzo. Every season they break down and analyze how the costumes of Mad Men effect and compliment the story line. Their blog posts are so incredibly fascinating and insightful. I never realized how much went into costume design until I read their articles. Apparently, these outfits aren't chosen just because they're purty...who'd a thunk it?
  So, those are my thoughts. What are yours? Are you participating and if so, what are you planning??


Sue said...

I'm definitely participating this year for round 2 - the only question is WHAT AM I GOING TO MAKE!?
I'm super into Megan's wardrobe and have a ...similar? bodytype (she seems fairly proportionate). I'm loving all of the cute, smart dresses she wears (not to mention the adorable separates). I'm really into that last dress you posted. Thanks for sharing inspiration! :)

Amanda said...

I really love the final dress- it looks totally wearable and the colours are rather rad! I'm hoping to participate this year (I have a pattern that screams Joan ready to go) but we'll see how I go with time. I'm looking forward to seeing which look you pick to make!

Unknown said...

Ahh i love all of them, love the hairstyles too!
Going to be hard to choose:)

Unknown said...

I'm in the same boat as you, I had my blog for about one week when I saw Julia's challenge last year (plus I was only just beginning to sew.) Now I've got a whole crazy plan for a Peggy dress and I am just beside myself with excitement! I think the best part is gonna be wearing it for a premier party. Are you gonna wear your dress out to a special Mad Men event?

Kathryn said...

How exciting! I too saw the challenge last year but was too new to sewing to feel I could to take part. Think I'll give it a go this time round though. That shift dress is gorgeous - can't wait to see your results!

Jamie said...

It's so hard to choose and don't even get me started on the separates! I have so many other dresses chosen an I even stumbled across a Peggy dress I kind of love. Ugh!

Jamie said...

Thanks! I know what you mean about time. I'm crossing my fingers I can pull this off. I can't wait to see what you make if you do join ;)

Jamie said...

Yeah, the hair and makeup kill me. Especially the makeup. I'm such a fan of that hard line across the crease.

Jamie said...

Oooooh! You get to go to a premiere party?? Jealous! No, sadly I am all by my lonesome when it comes to real life friends who enjoy the show. "/

Jamie said...

You should definitely join!!! I can't wait to see what you make :)

Shannon said...

Great choices!! I'm excited to participate this year as well. Like you I was in the sidelines last year. I've got some ideas brewing and a post will follow soon!

Unknown said...

This is so great. I'd love to try something Mad Men-ish this year. I was obsessed with Megan's looks this past season, but I'm definitely more of a Joan build so I'll go for something wiggle-worthy. Your ideas are gorgeous. Can't wait to see what you come up with. And thanks a million for the Tom and Lorenzo link. What a great site.

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