Monday, March 4, 2013

And another sateen dress....

 Sometimes I just can't decide what to do with fabric. I buy it because I like it and then I can't commit to what I should make with it.

 SO, I have this grey sateen sitting in my stash (you may have noticed...or maybe you haven't, in which case I'm about to point it out... I have a slight obsession with sateen. ) for probably about 4 months and I have thought about making it into 6 or 7 different projects before I made a decision.

Simplicity 2215
Ok...."decision" really isn't the right word here....what I did was similar to closing my eyes and picking out of a hat. I mean, I didn't close my eyes (and I didn't shove the patterns in a hat) but I did pull out all the contenders, put them in a pile, mixed it up and then just kind point at one. And Simplicity 2215 was the one my finger landed on.

Simplicity 2215
  Before I could second guess my, um, decision, I pulled out all the pieces for view A , layed them out and cut. I cut quickly with no real plan. But as I cut, I started thinking of a plan, and my stash of notions. I had some black piping- not a lot- but enough to define the front. And buttons...oooo, BUTTONS. I totally copied Shannon and ran out to buy these after she posted hers on Instagram months ago. Sometimes it feels so good to be a follower.

Simplicity 2215
Simplicity 2215

Simplicity 2215
 As I made it I felt pretty good, like maybe this was going to turn out pretty damn awesome. It couldn't just BE awesome, though. Because hello, my name is Jamie, and I make stupid mistakes. Like no thinking through using the fashion fabric as the bodice lining (too stiff!) and sewing the wrong side of the bodice on top. Seriously, this pattern is like cursed for me. Remember how badly I messed up the last time I made the skirt??

Simplicity 2215

Oh well. The end product is comfy and pretty cute anyway. Although,  I do have some issues with the fit.

 I cut my normal sz 12 but the waist is a little large (and this is true of my skirt, also) but the bodice is a bit tight. Looking at the model on the packaging I actually think the waist is supposed to be kind of baggy but obviously I've got too much going on in the boobs to make the silhouette work. I ended up sewing only .5" SA on the side and it still pulls. Admittedly, it looks kind of funky but it could be my bra (I'm wearing the same push up style that I wore in my last post, I'll just keep blaming it).

Simplicity 2215

Looking at these pics while editing them, I've decided the waist is weird. I'm thinking I'm going to bind the SA in bias tape and then hand stitch it to the bodice lining.

So, not a completely successful make but then again, not a total failure either. I think the style is cute and it'll be perfect for running around with my kids.

 I'd like to thank everyone who reached out to me about my Father-in-law's passing. It really means so much to me.


Bec Stitches said...

It looks great for running around in:)
hope you're feeling better

Amanda said...

Jamie, this looks fab! This charcoal-y colour looks amazeballs with the black tights and boots. Love it!

Kat said...

What a lovely dress! Those buttons are adorable. I love little details like that.

Jamie said...

Thank you so much!

Jamie said...

Aww, thanks Amanda!!

Jamie said...

Thank you Kat! I've been saving those buttons for months, I'm glad I found them a home. :)

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