Saturday, March 16, 2013

My Moss Mini

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 Lately I've felt my style shifting slightly. I mean, I still love long, wavy hair, girly, frilly dresses and all things vintage. I just find myself reaching for my band tshirts, jeans and boots and ya know... chopping my hair off. I want things with a little more edge. Maybe it's all the concerts I've been attending (I have 4 in the span of 3 weeks coming up!)....maybe it's an early midlife crisis.

 Whatever it may be, the Grainline Moss Mini has been calling to me. I took these pictures after wearing the skirt all day. Forgive the wrinkles.

Grainline Moss Mini

 I sewed it up in a sz 10 in red cotton twill. Can I just say, I freaking love sewing with a nice sturdy cotton. There is something so satisfying about it.

 I had no major issues with construction other than the fact that the waistband was too short. Being a spaz, I assumed this was user error but HELLO, this appears not to be my fault. According to other blog reviews this is pattern error. So there! Not that I mind, mistakes happen and this particular one was easy enough to fix, I just pieced an extra 2 inches or so to the end of it. Still, good info for the next time around.

Grainline Moss Mini

 And there will be a next time. Because the fit is shit and I so desperately want to get this right. There is so much potential!

 Here are the main issues; it's ok in the hips but gapes in the back waist. The waistband appears to just too straight for my shape. I have diagonal pull lines above my rear, below the yoke coming from my hips. And then there's the weird pouch of fabric under the waistband that I have in every.single.skirt. I'm really not sure what it is or how to get rid of it. I have is my swayback which may in fact be a tilted pelvis and the other is that I have full front thighs. Or maybe a bit of both? Whatever it is I need to figure out a fix because it's driving me insane.

  This pictures shows not only the fit issues but my figure flaws in all their glory. It was so hard for me to post. Here's the proof I've had 4 kids! HA! Ok, I'll admit that it really isn't this bad. This skirt paired with the shirt are majorly exaggerating my somewhat stretched out abs. Which is why I need to get the fit juuuust right.

 It's not all bad though. Look at the flat felled seams! And, HEY, that's my first ever fly zipper! You can see my enthusiasm, right?? Not to shabby, huh? I mean, not perfect but the fact that I didn't throw the skirt in the corner and run off crying while trying to install it must be a good thing.

Grainline Moss Mini

So, there you have it. I will be making this pattern again. Any suggestions on the fit issues?
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lsaspacey said...

I had some of the same issues, maybe my posts can help. I haven't gone back to working on the skirt since though.

Stevie said...

Beautiful! The fly front looks great. Mine came out a little lumpy in cord.

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