Sunday, May 26, 2013


  I just want to give you a quick update on life happenings right now. When my husband's father passed away in February it threw our life into a bit of commotion. Grieving, planning, moving....I feel like we've been going non stop either physically or emotionally since that dark day in February. My husband and I reevaluated some things and made some decisions on where we want to be and what we want to be doing right now. In the end, we feel very confident that we made the right decisions. At the moment we are living with my parents, which is cramped and a bit stressful because of it. We've been here since before my FIL's death and had planned on possibly moving out of state by the end of this year but when tragedy hit, we made some difficult choices that will keep us in the area for at least a couple more years. As I type this we are packing/packed up ready to move. We're hoping to be moved in by the middle of next month and so, for the moment, I have returned my mother's dining room table back to her and packed up my beloved sewing machine. As I mentioned, our new home will have enough room for my own sewing room so that is something I look forward to.
  I haven't fallen off the Me Made May wagon. I am still keeping my pledge I am just not documenting the efforts. Between moving, boxes and the stress I'm under, I just haven't been up to pictures every day. The challenge has actually made me super productive, I've churned out a fair amount of clothing, especially jersey knit tops. Also, and I plan on making a whole post dedicated to this soon, Megan Nielsen patterns are a HUGE WIN in my book!! Here's a peak at the garments born this month.


 I ask that you stick with me for the next month while I get things sorted out and I promise to be back next month with a bunch of new makes. Even though I won't be blogging much (if at all) for a couple of weeks, I'm still available through other forms of social media... You can follow me on twitter, @FiveEver. As for my Instagram, I've separated myself into two accounts. My personal account, and the one that many of you follow me at, is still Everfive. However, sewing isn't my only passion. I am an avid music lover and follow 2 specific bands intensely, and my feed does have quite a bit of concert pics. I have lot of followers that follow me specifically for my music related posts, and I never thought it would be an issue until I lost a couple of followers recently after I posted pics from a couple of shows I have been to. I completely understand that what I'm interested in isn't everyone's cup of tea, but I really enjoy the interaction with my fellow seamstresses and sewing bloggers and it's important to me that I keep that open. So, for the benefit of those that would prefer to see JUST sewing/blog related things I started another account. My name is SuchaStrange_Girl. If you would like to follow me on both, that is awesome and I would love for you to. If you want to follow only my new one, I completely understand! Futhermore, if you follow Everfive and would like to unfollow me and only follow SuchaStrange_Girl, that is certainly ok by me! As long as I can keep bouncing ideas off you lovely, talented people, I am a happy woman!

Thanks for reading everyone and I'll see you SOON!


Barbara Konkle said...

You all have gone through so much! I hope June brings a much needed break!

Gillian said...

I hope your moves goes well, and you get a chance to rest, relax and settle in afterwards! I'll see you on Twitter!!!!! :)

Amanda said...

What a challenging few months. I hope the move goes well and things settle nicely for you shortly. Take care of yourself!

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