Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Can it be the way it was?


Well, hello there!! I have returned!
It has been at least a couple of months since my last post. We're finally moved although we are not unpacked. Life is still crazy and hectic right now and for a while I started believing I would never use my sewing machine again. But, even with half of my household still in boxes, my urge to create became a force I could not ignore any longer. I unpacked my sewing machine and supplies and started sewing.

Before my sewing sabbatical I fell in love with Megan Nielsen's patterns. I have always been a huge fan of Megan's blog. I love her aesthetic. She knows her style and she dresses herself beautifully. When I purchased patterns from her newest line, she emailed me to tell me that she used to live in my hometown. I remember Megan used to blog from Virginia (before I had actually discovered her) but I had no idea she had been living in my little town. Of course I don't start sewing her patterns until she's on the other side of the world. Very tragic. I won't lie...I have thought that maybe we could have been beeeest friends. I tease...a little, because seriously...wouldn't you love to be buddies with her?

Anyway, I appreciate that she's a mom and that she factors that into her designs. I've read that she wears her garments for a while before releasing the patterns...tweaking it here and there to work for her in her everyday life. I think that sort of thought that she puts into her designs really shows. All of her garments become staples of my wardrobe because of their style and wearability.

You can imagine my happiness when I peeped her newest pattern line. The Crescent blouse caught my eye immediately. I must confess that ever since I was in the sixth grade and my mother let me wear a black velvet skater dress with shoulder cut outs for a school dance, I have been obsessed with bare shoulders.

(I've had this finished for over a week but my camera was broken. After a quick chat with my fellow sewcialists via twitter, I was convinced to use my iPhone for pics. These aren't the best, and I can't get rid of that annoying black box... but they do the job!)

The fabric is rayon challis from Anna Maria Horner. It is gorgeous and I am in love and I may not ever want to wear another fabric again.

I cut a size small and decided to skip the collar because it seemed too busy against the pattern. The pattern instructions were fabulous. I love how they walk you through French seams. The construction of the blouse was less difficult than I anticipated. It definitely looks more complicated than it is.

I love the fit of this blouse. It is loose and boxy but the bare shoulders and curved hem make it very feminine.

I paired this blouse with my first pair of leggings. Why did it take me so long to make leggings?? They are ONE PATTERN PIECE! It took me about 30 minutes from start to finish and I took a page out of Oona's book for the waist. They are comfortable and I love them and I may not wear any other kind of pants again.

The Details:

Pattern: Crescent Blouse by Megan Nielsen

Fabric: Anna Maria Horner Cypress Rayon Challis from her Field Study line.

Size Made: Small

Alterations Made: Eliminated the collar. Otherwise, none.

I definitely plan on making this pattern again. I can't wait to make one with the peterman collar and I'd also love to try the tunic variation.



Sue said...

Welcome back, girlfriend! I love the blouse - that fabric is so cute!

thequirkypeach said...

Love this top! The fabric pattern is amazing! :)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I just love this pattern, and you've made it in such a great print. Welcome back!

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