Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Just in time...Sew Colette 2.0!

    Friday is my tenth wedding anniversary. It's also the day before my daughter's birthday. DH and I rarely get to celebrate because we are always spending the day before getting ready for her party. This year we're making an exception and spending the whole day before ALONE ::gasp::. I wanted a pretty dress to wear on out little excursion. I had my eyes set on Vintage Vogue 8812. I have the perfect floral swiss dot cotton. Alas, I spent all week making my daughter's birthday dress and there is just no time to tackle the Vogue pattern before Friday. Well, not enough time to make the dress and feed my children. Darn children.

  The girls over at Miss Crayola CreepyRhinestones and Telephones and Lucky Lucille are hosting Sew Colette 2.0. This is very exciting for me. I followed the first sew along as an admirer and I think I'm going to join in when I can for this one! The first patter they are doing is the Hazel dress which is really perfect for me right now, since I need an adorable dress before Friday. I have this pretty cotton gauze I picked up from Hancock a few weeks ago that I'm going to attempt to make a wearable muslin out of! Fingers crossed it works out and I'll keep you updated!

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