Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Oh no....a haul post?? Really??

Aside from the hundred or so blogs I follow, I also follow quite a few youtube channels. For the most part I love youtube but I have never really cared for "haul" videos. You know the ones...where some person shows off the huge amounts of STUFF they were able to purchase for your viewing pleasure...or in my case viewing jealousy. Yes, maybe I'm just a horrible person. I'm not really angry that the people were able to get all the awesome stuff they have, I'm just reminded that right now, I can't get said stuff because I have to buy $600 worth of groceries this month. Priorities suck.
   Anyhoo, I promised myself I would try to refrain from posts of these types. However, in the past week I've managed to hit up 2 awesome pattern sales that I'm super excited about. I wouldn't normally need to share my joy with strangers, but in this case I just need to share my joy with ANYBODY. When I came home with stack of said patterns (and yes, some fabric also) and I presented them to my hubby I saw his eyes glaze over. The kind of glazing over that I imagine happens to *my eyes when he shows me his latest Transformer.(Have I not mentioned I'm married to a Transformers geek? Oh, well.....yes. I'm married to a Transformers geek. He's also a He-man geek, but that's another post entirely)

  With no one to share my joy with I turn to you, dear readers (heeellloooo? Do I have any yet? ;). I also renounce my right to ever complain about a haul post, ever again. Soooo, without further ado, here is my patterns haul


Simplicity 2215 and 2245 are part of my pledge to make more seperates. Simplicity 1803 has been a favorite of mine for some time and Simplicity 1880 is a a commitment to Sunni's sew along. I don't think I'll be able to follow it live but I do intend to go back and use her excellent advice to make it when I have time. There's a McCall's pattern thrown in and I picked up a couple of patterns for my girls. My sister (a vintage enthusiast) actually purchased the two vintage patterns, Simplicity 4044 and Vogue V8811

 What trip to the fabric store is complete without heaps of fabric?


 The fabrics on the left were again purchased by my sister for the patterns she picked out (those garments are going to be her birthday/Christmas gift for this year, combined, ha!). The red, white and blue poplin is destined to be a Colette Lily for Independence Day and the seersucker is for my final Hazel. The cotton prints are going in the stash.

  So, that's my haul. yikes. And I'll admit felt GOOD!


Barbara Konkle said...

Oh my gosh I am in love with the chevron! Too pretty! Cannot wait to see all that you make!!!

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